Day 80 – Wheezing and sneezing

21 03 2010

On this sunny Sunday I was back in running shorts watching the snowman we built yesterday quickly melt in the park across the street. I was thrilled to find tulip and daffodil stems popping up a few inches in the backyard beds when the snow had cleared.

With new blooms, allergies arrived too. I felt bad most of the day with a scratchy throat and stuffy head. I made myself get out to clear some brush from the flower beds, so the sun can find the tulips, and then did my planned 8-mile run, knowing that Sundays — especially in this great weather — are the best chance I get for long runs.

The first 3 miles felt sluggish as I tried to breathe and not think about how bad I felt. By mile 4 my thoughts were finally drifting away from my physical run and I knew I could make it to 8 miles with a pretty average time.

Today completed week 8 of my half-marathon plan, with 8 more weeks to go. I’m over 18 miles this week for the first time and hoping to be rid of my sneezing to get to a 9-mile run next weekend that will take me to 20 miles for week 9.

Off now to snuggle into my bed for the final chapters of Born to Run for inspiration…


Day 25 – Rest day stretch in Jamaica

25 01 2010

Mondays are “rest” or cross training days on my half-marathon training plan. Trying to exercise daily means Mondays (following long runs on Sunday) are for stretching/strengthening and a dog walk. I know the dog walk is not going to help my run, but it does help my dog and is better than sitting all day.

This morning I did Classical Stretch -abs version – and had to laugh. As Miranda was exercising peacefully on a beautiful Jamaican beach, I was in my living room trying to convince the dog not to sit on me during the crunches and answering my five-year-old’s 20 questions. “Where is my Lego guy?” “Are you finished yet?” “Can I have a cookie?”

Throwing the dog’s ball continuously to keep her out of the way, I told my son I was pretending to be in Jamaica for just 10 more minutes at which time I would be finished, find the MIA Lego guy and NOT give him a cookie at 9:30 in the morning!

Worth my perseverance in the end when I felt SOOO good from stretching to the classical music and watching those far-away waves that cleared my mind – if only for 10 more minutes!