Day 39 – Can I rewind Monday?

8 02 2010

Some days just get away from you…Monday is my easier/rest day, but even my planned Classical Stretch was cut short. Does 14 minutes of stretching even count? Not unless I can also count the cherries in the Ben & Jerry’s I just ate as one of my five fruit/veggie servings for the day – think not.

All day I thought I could squeeze in the stretch video…emails and phone calls in the early a.m., making class Valentine’s with Zach all morning, cleaning the house so the cleaning lady could clean it… on and on. I thought I could fit it in while the cleaning lady was here, but she brought her husband to help today, and I just couldn’t do that. No one wants to vacuum around a crazy lady doing ballet in her living room!

And a snowy day meant no walking home from school or even a walk for Lottie. I finally hit play on the DVR while feeding my kids prior to basketball and ballet — and then had to take two phone calls. Rewind…pause…start over…I gave up!

And then, after the kids were tucked in tight and I remembered to get the groceries out of the car from earlier this evening… I sat down at the computer to get work done and I realized I can’t exercise while typing, but I can eat Cherry Garcia ice cream. This will not go down as my best fitness or nutrition day ever, so I will relish in yesterday’s long run, enjoy my scoop and work hard to get back out there tomorrow!