Day 46 – Week 4 experiments

15 02 2010

Today marks the start of week 4 on my 16-week half-marathon training plan from Runner’s World. The total mileage drops down to 10, which is the lowest yet, with two 3-mile and one 4-mile run. That feels kinda lame compared to yesterday’s 7+. I wish I had more time to read the Runner’s Body book, because it probably tells me why it’s important to have an easier week at this point.

In the name of experimenting with blood sugars, I have to get to 13 miles to practice that distance a few times before the race in mid-May. Maybe I’ll just up the recommended mileage by a few each week from here on out. We’ll see how this week goes… Today, it was a Classical Stretch show — a tougher one for lower ab strengthening that I know is oh-so-beneficial.

And for a lighter note compared to my recent family-related posts… I have to share Zach’s experiment. We were upstairs yesterday when he asked from downstairs where the baking soda was. Always a red-flag that something may be about to explode. Meeting him on the stairs, I saw a Ziploc baggie in his hand. He is always filling Ziplocs with Legos or water to see if it freezes in the snow, the freezer, etc.

But this particular baggie held something yellow. Yep. His pee! Scott was stuck on the logistics of how this all happened, but I was just amazed at this barely six-year-old brain and where he comes up with his ideas. Anna has never done this – or even contemplated it, I’m sure. This was almost as funny as the time he found a Sharpie marker when he was two and colored his private parts blue!

So we nixed adding the baking soda, disposed of the experiment and moved on to regular water in the snow … in a clean baggie. That one, you can try at home!