Day 43 – Magicpalooza

13 02 2010

Yesterday was a Friday off from school, kicking off the 4-day weekend for President’s Day. Perfect for hosting Zach’s Magic 6th birthday party!

I snuck off to Pilates after missing the last few weeks — a quiet hour of peaceful stretching before the storm of 6-year-olds in Spider Man costumes hit my living room! Magic Rob turned out to be a fabulous entertainer with jokes and fart noises only a 6-year-old can truly appreciate!

Doves, a guinea pig and a rabbit appeared from flames, along with other fantastic tricks. Cake…ice cream…presents…animal balloons…Lego Land in the living room – what could be better?

Fitness plan-wise – I was glad Pilates was out of the way early in the day. Cake and birthday hamburgers counteracted my efforts later, but it is a week of treats afterall – a birthday party sandwiched by Super Bowl and Valentine’s weekend! Insulin pump overload…

My friend Wendy said she is doing an early a.m. boot camp, and I am so envious of people like her who can exercise early. It would set a whole new rhythm to the day if I could get up earlier for workouts and not spend the day trying to fit it in. The few times I’ve done it, it’s felt like a dream…never even happened…magically you are more fit!

My list of excuses is long… 1) Morning blood sugars are pretty unpredictable, so I often have to wait to be higher or lower. 2) I love to sleep – I’m just a night person and up-before-the-sun feels like punishment. 3) And last, but not least, coyotes…seriously I could not even run at dawn when they are known to be out there.

On my 5-mile run last week I froze in my tracks when what turned out to be the largest Siamese cat on Earth caught my peripheral vision on a sidewalk. It was not a coyote, but confirmed my fears that I will panic if I see one on foot…

So magic hats off to those who can set the alarm for an early morning workout. You are braver and more dedicated than I am!