Day 2 – Why am I doing this?

2 01 2010

So my second day (01-02-2010, which I learned is called a palindrome – the same backwards and forwards) turned out to be a sunny Saturday perfect for running IF you are a winter runner and don’t mind some slushy sidewalks and wet socks. That is not me, but that’s why I am doing this. And that question came up often among the three people so far who know about my plan…”why ARE you doing this?”

My title, “365 Days Running,” begged my husband’s question about whether I could physically run for 365 days. No, no, everyone (all three of you)… it’s a play on words. 365 days running – like 365 days straight – in a row. I will do other things like bike, aerobics, swim (not ’til summer), etc. Oh, and pilates, which I signed up for on Fridays at the Rec Center. 

Blog titles have to be catchy, right? And so many others are taken. Leading me to the point that this is not really that original. But I have never done it, so I think I am just doing this for me – not really an imaginary group of readers. I will figure out what this is all about as I go… Two days ago, I thought it would be more about running with diabetes – like how yesterday (my first run in nearly two months) saw blood sugar highs above 300 and a low of 44 (almost as low as the January temp!).

This is the complex part of getting back in synch with a running routine and making adjustments for what you eat, how much you exercise, and how much insulin you are pumping into your body throughout the day. When I am training for a race, I figure out the patterns. But when I’m more of a casual runner, it’s a constant roller coaster with inconsistent days.

So doing similar activity every day should leave me in a better place – and that would make for a very boring blog about diabetes. Instead, I decided during today’s 3-mile run for 32:30 minutes that diabetes will just be one of the topics I address…one of the hurdles I jump over in addition to kids, work, and other things every mom who wants to exercise runs into.

And starting tomorrow, I resolve not to blog about blogging!