Day 36 – My new sole mates

5 02 2010

Today I christened my new shoes. My stiff-from-boot-camp muscles did not want to run, and there were 85 other things on my to do list…but in the corner sat my new, bright white shoes begging to get muddy on the trail. Not to mention a bouncy black lab who brought me her tennis ball two dozen times before 9 a.m. desperately seeking my attention.

I pushed through for the team and laced up for the 5-mile break-in. Lottie joined me and my shoes for the first 1.3 lap, then we were on our own down the concrete path. Oh – that spongy feeling in new shoes really makes me feel faster with a new spring in my stride … even if my pace is the same.

The Buckeye Training Log, where I record my workouts, lets you track equipment. So I can enter “Red Brooks” on my runs to add up the mileage. My friend Jo-Anna found that this site also has challenges you can join. I signed up for “750 miles in 2010,” since I’m on track to run that distance any way. Hoping that goal keeps me going in November/December when I’m not training for anything specific and the weather won’t invite me to run!

So far, I’m right around the middle of the pack of 40-some challengers with 5 or 6 other people who are close to 70 miles. The logged miles range from 4 to 219. Mr. or Ms. 219 really shouldn’t be in this particular challenge to make the rest of us feel lame. But this is a cool tool to see how you are pacing compared with these other random runners across the country.

Not sure how I can be so excited about shoes that are exactly the same as my old ones and, frankly, not that cute. Brooks makes fantastic shoes for my feet and running style, but they are not leading in the style department. Red or aqua accents were the only choices on my bargain website, so red won. And on this version they tried to put a little floral pattern that just looks strange instead of feminine. They are cuter I suppose, than my old yellow ones (who wears yellow anything – especially shoes?)

Well, on to a weekend super-filled with kids’ activities and Super Bowls. It will hopefully end with another 6 miles on my beloved, ugly-but-new-and-springy shoes that promise to guide me every step of the way from 6 to 13.1 miles by May!


Day 17 – Off and running

17 01 2010

More than two weeks into this and I’m ready to make a commitment. It’s not easy to find time every day for exercise, but I am doing it with only 348 more days to go. Since that really sounds like forever, I need a shorter term goal.

I decided on today’s 4.3 mile run that I’m going to run my first half marathon, which is scheduled for the very day I turn 40 – May 16. How could I not? I’ve wanted to do this for a long time, but worried about training in winter weather. And I wasn’t sure I wanted to spend my birthday eve (also our 11th wedding anniversary) going to bed early in prep for a race.

But I’ll have many more years to celebrate anniversaries and birthdays with toasts, nice dinners and sleeping in. This year – it just seems like the right thing to do.

The Colfax Marathon/Half might just be the most boring route ever mapped. The half course goes 6.5 miles east on Colfax Ave. I think it is really the longest road in America at 26 miles long. You turn and head west on 17th Ave. – a parallel street. On the way back you at least have a mountain view, but staring straight ahead for over an hour before you turn seems crazy!

After working up to 9 miles last fall for a leg of the Denver Marathon relay, I felt like I could do 13. Maybe not that day exactly – but someday. Why not choose a big birthday? It might be the best birthday since my 16th, which fell on prom night, and – of course – our first day as a married couple in 1999.

I actually have more reasons why not to do this, but I’ll save those for other days as I work through them. Right now I need to publish this post before I chicken out!

Day 10 – A blog about a log

10 01 2010

My legs are back in business today, but my planned long run was cut short by the waning daylight — another tough part of winter. My usual 3-mile loop was all I could get in, after spending too much time on a million projects earlier in the day. Why do we try to pack so much into the weekend? I will have to make up some miles during this week, and luckily the weather will be on my side until snow falls on Thursday.

I am thrilled to the moon to have come across a workout log that is perfect for this project. You can see a link on my blog homepage to “Training Log,” which takes you to the “Buckeye Outdoors Training Log.” 

There are dozens of training logs out there, but I like that this one is very visual – lets you easily record your activity/miles/time for each day and shows a weekly summary and monthly totals in a standard calendar format. It’s free, even if you aren’t from the Buckeye state of Ohio! You can even track your weight, sleep, food, etc. if you have that much time.

There is a whole community of Buckeyes on this site challenging one another to do things like run 2010 miles in 2010. Even though I spent four years at Miami of Ohio, they would likely laugh at my simpler goals. I can see on the tracker that so far this year, I’ve run 15.6 miles, walked 7, biked 10 and done 2 hours of classes. Not an impressive Buckeye record, but it’s good for me…and kind of fun to add it up without doing any math or creating spreadsheets!

I am still finding daily low blood sugars in the evening hours and cranking down my insulin pump basal rate to accomodate. It’s actually a good thing to require less insulin and proof once again that this is a pretty good idea.

Day 2 – Why am I doing this?

2 01 2010

So my second day (01-02-2010, which I learned is called a palindrome – the same backwards and forwards) turned out to be a sunny Saturday perfect for running IF you are a winter runner and don’t mind some slushy sidewalks and wet socks. That is not me, but that’s why I am doing this. And that question came up often among the three people so far who know about my plan…”why ARE you doing this?”

My title, “365 Days Running,” begged my husband’s question about whether I could physically run for 365 days. No, no, everyone (all three of you)… it’s a play on words. 365 days running – like 365 days straight – in a row. I will do other things like bike, aerobics, swim (not ’til summer), etc. Oh, and pilates, which I signed up for on Fridays at the Rec Center. 

Blog titles have to be catchy, right? And so many others are taken. Leading me to the point that this is not really that original. But I have never done it, so I think I am just doing this for me – not really an imaginary group of readers. I will figure out what this is all about as I go… Two days ago, I thought it would be more about running with diabetes – like how yesterday (my first run in nearly two months) saw blood sugar highs above 300 and a low of 44 (almost as low as the January temp!).

This is the complex part of getting back in synch with a running routine and making adjustments for what you eat, how much you exercise, and how much insulin you are pumping into your body throughout the day. When I am training for a race, I figure out the patterns. But when I’m more of a casual runner, it’s a constant roller coaster with inconsistent days.

So doing similar activity every day should leave me in a better place – and that would make for a very boring blog about diabetes. Instead, I decided during today’s 3-mile run for 32:30 minutes that diabetes will just be one of the topics I address…one of the hurdles I jump over in addition to kids, work, and other things every mom who wants to exercise runs into.

And starting tomorrow, I resolve not to blog about blogging!