Day 33 – Comments on cookies

2 02 2010

I did Classical Stretch today that promised to change my pants size – that’s good! Then ran with my lab for 2.6 miles – her longest ever and a bit faster for me trying keeping up with her.

I’m a little obsessed lately with watching the stats on my blog. When I started this, I had no idea how to create a blog or how people – beyond my obligated friends – might find my posts. Word Press lets me see daily traffic and view the links to readers’ own blogs. There is this whole interconnected blogging community. Who knew?

Turns out the tags and titles are very important if you want to entice readers. I didn’t really have a specific audience in mind at the start, but now it’s fun to see who cares (or at least reads) what I write.

Don’t worry – if you are a regular person who just comes to my site, I have no idea who you are or what you read. So far, I’ve had 234 visits — an average of 7 per day. 19 on one day was the best stat.

Comparatively, I was on a blog tonight looking for a snickerdoodle recipe. Zach requested those when I asked him what we should do in the morning before kindergarten — the few hours that I’m trying to make all about him for these last few months of school while I still have him at home. He loves to bake — and eat — cookies! This in no way fits with my exercise or eating plan, but there is always room for treats.

Back to the point…On Smitten Kitchen, I found a great-sounding recipe. I wanted chewy snickerdoodles, not crispy like the last ones we made. This recipe post alone had 294 comments!! Who out there is compelled to tell the author that she can’t wait to try the recipe or shares the fond memories of his grandma’s cookies baking in the oven?

I am really just amazed. I think because I have surfed and read dozens of blogs lately on my research topics — running, Type 1 diabetes, nutrition (and cookies). I am much more of a reader than a commenter. Never leave much of a trace.

But I love getting comments, so that I know what other people are thinking and adding to the conversation. That’s why it’s social media, right? Perhaps I need to be more social myself. Or should I start blogging about cookies? Will have to let the snickerdoodle lady know how her cookies turn out at high altitude and how they counteract my reduce-your-pant-size exercises!