Day 56 – Running into the winter wind

25 02 2010

My kids' smirking snowman who is better dressed than me for a wintertime run!

How did a beautiful, sunny morning in the 40s turn into a cold, blustery day before I got my run in? Probably because I spent the morning INSIDE the grocery store (buying mangoes and acorn squash for new 5-a-day adventures!). By the time I fueled with lunch, caught up on a few emails and got out there, winter was blowing back onto the prairie.

Definitely wished for another layer over my running tights and a hat on my head. I pushed through 6 miles that were particularly tough when heading north into the chilly wind — adding resistance to my momentum. The park trail was a mud bath, so I stuck to the sidewalks and still stepped in some icy puddles that soaked my right sock.

I kept thinking that I could do anything for an hour, for 30 more minutes, for 10… Sure enough, the not-so-great runs always end, and I am glad to have made it through.

I often tell my kids that all good things must end — movies are over and bedtime comes … vacation time is up and you have to go home … and the last piece of leftover birthday cake eventually disappears.

The good news is, it turns out that the universe is incredibly balanced and, therefore… all bad things must end as well!