Day 10 – A blog about a log

10 01 2010

My legs are back in business today, but my planned long run was cut short by the waning daylight — another tough part of winter. My usual 3-mile loop was all I could get in, after spending too much time on a million projects earlier in the day. Why do we try to pack so much into the weekend? I will have to make up some miles during this week, and luckily the weather will be on my side until snow falls on Thursday.

I am thrilled to the moon to have come across a workout log that is perfect for this project. You can see a link on my blog homepage to “Training Log,” which takes you to the “Buckeye Outdoors Training Log.” 

There are dozens of training logs out there, but I like that this one is very visual – lets you easily record your activity/miles/time for each day and shows a weekly summary and monthly totals in a standard calendar format. It’s free, even if you aren’t from the Buckeye state of Ohio! You can even track your weight, sleep, food, etc. if you have that much time.

There is a whole community of Buckeyes on this site challenging one another to do things like run 2010 miles in 2010. Even though I spent four years at Miami of Ohio, they would likely laugh at my simpler goals. I can see on the tracker that so far this year, I’ve run 15.6 miles, walked 7, biked 10 and done 2 hours of classes. Not an impressive Buckeye record, but it’s good for me…and kind of fun to add it up without doing any math or creating spreadsheets!

I am still finding daily low blood sugars in the evening hours and cranking down my insulin pump basal rate to accomodate. It’s actually a good thing to require less insulin and proof once again that this is a pretty good idea.