Day 44 – Solid surfaces

14 02 2010

I’ve gotten a day behind on blogging, but writing about yesterday will have to do ’til I catch up… Saturday I scrambled to Colorado Springs – a 90 minute drive – for the end of a clearance sale at a stone wholesaler. For years, I have wanted to replace the builders’ white tile in my kitchen — and it’s now gray grout — with a solid surface material. Talking with a friend who is a kitchen designer, I learned about this company closing down and headed south in search of a deal.

It’s a beautiful drive to Colorado Springs, with the mountain range guiding your route. Good car “thinking time” that I don’t seem to get too often. I rarely drive anywhere without backseat drivers. The stone prices were great, but the fabrication cost was going to be prohibitive for the whole kitchen…so I bought a piece of soapstone for my island – the most used part of my kitchen. I love it! Can’t wait to have it installed…once I find someone to do that. Soapstone is a cool, natural, nonporous material. I’m told you can place hot pans right on it, clean it with just soap and water because it won’t hold bacteria, and it’s not treated with any chemicals or sealants. You just use mineral oil once in a while. They said it would last 200 years, and I’m sure we’ll put that to the test!

I spent a few hours combing through the remnants at the stone yard, leaving minimal time for exercise once I got home. A good day to try out the “30 Day Shred” video from the library. Bottom line: it was a hard 20 minutes at Level One! That Jillian lady is almost as intimidating as a coyote. I confess I am the only American who has never watched “The Biggest Loser.” I think I get the story and why people are into it, but I just can’t commit to something I’ll need to watch every week. “The Office” is my only vice!

Clearly, if you did these 20-minute workouts every day you would be in better shape with more solid surfaces like Jillian and her friends. I will keep trying on my non-run days when I want to do cardio vs. stretching. Definitely packs a punch (pardon the pun) if you’ve only got 20 minutes!

So today is Valentine’s Day and I have beautiful roses from my husband and sweet cut-out hearts from my kids! Also woke up to a few inches of snow on the ground. Must head out into that for a 7-mile run today. The sun is shining, so I can do it – if I stay on the solid surfaces!