Day 61 – Spring forward

2 03 2010


Nothing makes you want to run like a sunny day that feels like spring has landed. It was 54 degrees today, with a similar forecast for the rest of the week!

It’s beautiful in Colorado when the peaks in the distance are covered with snow, but the prairie down here at 5280 feet is warm. A therapeutic view for my 2.6 miles around the park on my “recovery run” today. I learned that a real recovery run is done within 24 hours of your long run and is slower and easier. According to some articles, it’s not necessary when you are just running three or four days a week, because you have at least a day off between runs.

My Smart Coach half-marathon plan has “easy runs” on Tuesdays that don’t feel so easy to me after longer Sunday runs. I’ve added a bit of mileage to the easy runs these last few weeks, and today I finished with a Classical Stretch program for hamstrings and hips.

Running in just one layer — running tights and a long-sleeve tee — I was roasting in the sun. Wonder if I’m becoming a cold-weather runner afterall and will have a tougher time in the heat come true spring?

Memories of running in Atlanta and Austin summers and not feeling the difference between where your sweat ended and the humid air started remind me that when things heat up, you can adapt and adjust…shed clothing and drink more water! Think I’ll take those hot runs over the windy, icy days in recent weeks.

So here in week 6 of 16 training, I am ramping to 17 total weekly miles by Sunday. Stay tuned for more spring training…