Day 48 – Shred the cropped sweat pants

17 02 2010

Day 48 was not my best day ever, so I am feeling a little punchy and tired. I would rather be watching the Olympics, but have work to finish up tonight. And every time I sit down at my computer, MSN’s home page tells me who won the gold medals earlier today. I miss the suspense of pre-Internet Olympics when you had to stay up late to see who won on TV.

Amazon delivered my very own copy of the Shred DVD today, so I did Level One for a second time with my lab snuggled right by my side for all the floor work. She loves crunches! I am decidedly disturbed and distracted by Jillian’s outfits. I appreciate flaunting it if you’ve got it, but I think if you’re going with the double-layer sports bra on top, shorts are a better choice than cropped sweat pants. If you must wear them — in cold weather, for example, a t-shirt seems more appropriate – maybe one that says “Gold’s Gym.” Does she know there are really cute workout clothes now-a-days?

My own Shred outfit might not have been the most fashionable either tonight, but I was in my living room with my dog – not making a DVD that people will see for 30 days straight! So that is my gripe for today – at least the only one I can really blog about any way… I feel better!